You will be asked by students, what do I get for my National DECA dues? Why should I join? What will DECA do for me?

Listed below are a few of the benefits students receive by joining DECA:

  1. DECA membership means joining more that 180,000 young men and women who are serious about career and personal growth and about the future of our country.
  2. Your chapter receives member services that include chapter packets, The DECA Guide, Dimensions, posters and brochures.
  3. As a DECA member you gain leadership skills by serving on committees and by holding offices at local, state, and national levels.
  4. DECA members have an opportunity to participate in state, regional, and national leadership and career-related conferences.
  5. DECA members meet people with common interests and goals.
  6. DECA members learn valuable sales and management skills through participating in chapter projects and activities at the local, state, and national levels.
  7. DECA members participate both as leaders and followers in the many activities offered.
  8. DECA members receive copies of Dimensions, DECA’s official student publication.
  9. DECA members have the opportunity to use DECA’s resource for recruitment, civic appearances, chapter activities and career development and to become acquainted with the marketing leaders of their community, their state and the nation.
  10. Participation in DECA’s Competitive Events Programs provides members with practical experience and recognition.
  11. DECA members learn about the American free enterprise system through participation in a variety of activities designed specifically for DECA members.
  12. DECA members can prepare articles, take photos, and share their activities through publications, and the official Georgia DECA web site.
  13. DECA members learn marketing research by participating in DECA’s unique competitive events program.
  14. Since 1976, you have had National DECA Center, a home for DECA. The National DECA Center serves as a focal point for DECA’s programs of leadership development and member recognition.
  15. The Congressional Advisory Board and friends of DECA serve you and are always willing to help.
  16. DECA members develop valuable personal and career skills by planning, organizing, and implementing a community public relations campaign in the Chapter Public Relations Project.
  17. Nationally-known companies, members of DECA’s National Advisory Board, support you and your activities.
  18. Special projects and chapter activities developed by DECA, for DECA members, provide you with the opportunity for interaction among community, state and national leaders.
  19. DECA members can participate in the Merit Awards Program, a project to increase employability, provide and avenue of recognition and develop an awareness of competence in areas of marketing, management and entrepreneurship.
  20. Through DECA IMAGES, DECA members have the availability of many items designed to improve their marketing skills and prepare for DECA activities, as well as for their career objectives.
  21. The Scholarship Awards Program helps provide higher education for those students with ability and need.
  22. Through involvement with the Civic Consciousness Project, DECA members develop an awareness of community needs and work toward making our world a better place in which to live.
  23. Your voting power means that you take an active part in determining the organization’s programs and policies.
  24. DECA members develop skills in the ownership, financing and managing of one’s own business through participating in the Entrepreneurship Competitive Events.
  25. Through participating in competitive events, conferences, and DECA’s program of student activities, DECA members develop an understanding of the free enterprise system and the principles that make our country great.